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Personal Injury

Injuries from car accidents and other negligence can leave victims and families financially and emotionally damaged. Most times, victims and their families are completely unprepared to manage the maze of the insurance claim process, the medical office and hospital billing onslaught, rehab provider decisions, and government benefits problems.


Insurance adjusters routinely look to settle claims immediately with victims for they retain an attorney because victims rarely have any concept of the full extent of their past, present and future damages. Insurance industry representatives have also supported efforts in the past to affect the public’s perception of attorneys – possibly causing the public not call an attorney for fear that the attorney will charge an unreasonable fee for injury representation.


North Florida Lawyers offers a free, in-person, consultation with the victim and the victim’s family, and fees are always discussed prior to entering into a plain English, written retainer agreement. We will fight to provide the maximum recovery for you and your family, while maintaining open lines of communication on the progress of your case. Whether you dealing with a slip and fall, car accident, wrongful death in the family, or perhaps you're just not sure what your right are, we can help. 

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