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Business Litigation & Transactions

Business Transactions

From the moment you choose to form, merge, acquire, sell, or dissolve a business, our firm has the experience and efficiency to bring your transaction to completion. We also build Employee Handbooks, Employment Agreements, Bylaw, Independent Contractor Agreements, and many of the back office documents you will need to be successful. If you're like many of the companies we help, you'll need well defined statements of work, managed service agreements, and other documents for risk management, vendor management, and HR. We offer both hourly and flat fee services for complete packages that cover resolutions, operating agreements, succession plans, and more.  


Whether you own a business or are involved in business transactions, it is important to have a relationship with an experienced business lawyer who understands the complexities of business law.  North Florida Lawyers is prepared to handle all aspects of commercial transactions for many types of businesses. We can help you throughout all stages of your business, from formation to growth, relocation, reorganization and acquisition. 

Business Litigation

When you're hiring a firm, you want one that isn't going to stop handling your legal affairs when things get rough. Having a firm that effectively handles both transactions and litigation, is critical to both your success, and your bottom line. Many businesses loss significant capital by having to jump over to a separate firm for a single dispute.  Among the area we commonly handle, include but are not limited to: 

–         Non-compete Violations

–         Trade Secret Violations 

–         Claims of Fraud and Misrepresentation

–         Cease & Desist Letters

–         Debt or Judgement Collection

–         Transaction Disputes

–         Shareholder Disputes

–         Partnership Disputes

–         Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices ("DUPTA")

North Florida Lawyers, PLLC has experience representing start-ups, serial entrepreneurs, Inc 500s, and franchises. We can effectively assist our clients when they are facing a business dispute, and we are prepared to handle all phases of business litigation, from pre-suit negotiations to trial and appeal, if necessary.

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